Mobile house



Dear costumer.

Please allow me to introduce you to my company manufactured homes. Extremely well insulated mobile homes must use vacation, weekend house, fisher house, or living house.

A frame construction made of wood, which is located around 14 cm of thermal insulation. Walls of the out side, and inner side with natural wood paneling, plastic panels wall in the bathroom.

The mobile home is the size of a studio apartment in the same size as the size starts up.The smallest size mobile home 3.0 m × 7.5 m, 22 m2.This can be found in one room, kitchen, bathroom, and separate toilet.

The mobile home is the biggest size of 12.5 m due to transportation. The bigger mobil homes with two or more room.

The size is not enough and you want bigger house, then we are done with more houses.

The mobile home stand on wood pillars is not necessary under the concrete foundation.

Very easy to put down, under must be 8-10 ps. concrete slab need.

If later you will to move,you can take very easy, so it is very suitable for workers accommodation structure, or mobile business.

The house can be found under the water, sewer, gas pipes,and elektrical cables.

The mobil home is ready for you to assign the stucture, or you can order ready to turnkey.

The stucture is ready for mobil home construction you can to finis, the turnkey mobil home you can use after the delivery.

The house is heated by an electrical heater,or gas central heating.

Additional options for home the wood terrace, and the thicker outside insulation.

Use a privet person:

  • weekend house
  • summer house, villa
  • fishing house
  • apartment, living house
  • mobile market, shop
  • you can be rented for apartment

Use a company:

  • summer house,villa
  • apartment for worker
  • iroda, üzlethelység
  • mobile office, warehouse
  • guard house
  • to event kitchen, and toilet


  • ready to construction: 10.300 EU + VAT
  • turnkey: 13.800 EU + VAT
  • terrace: 600 EU+ VAT
  • prise do not include the shipping costs
  • extra options for home in the tabela
  • Now you can see,a lot of things you can use your mobil home.

The house has a separate optional equipment ordered under the table! the equipment table can be downloaded here:

If you are interested, or want to buy, then you will find me.

Best regards